About VietLaunch

Silicon Valley has long been the dominant innovation ecosystem and a model for the rest of the world. But as the pace of American innovation slows, Asia is ramping up its own tech industry. With a young and educated population of 100M, Vietnam is rapidly transforming into a major player in the global digital economy, following in the tracks of earlier Asian tigers such as Singapore and South Korea.

VietLaunch – a collaboration between Republic and VietChallenge – showcases innovations and promising startups in Vietnam or founded by the Vietnamese diaspora around the world. We passionately believe in the power of entrepreneurship and its role in building modern, prosperous and inclusive societies.

We also believe that everyone should have the opportunity to invest early in companies that are building their vision of the future, and that as investors, they’ll get to share in the success of these companies. Over the past 30 years, early investors in innovative American companies have generated monumental wealth as these companies transformed the U.S. economy. We see a similar potential for investors around the world who believe in Vietnam’s future as a country and as a digital economy.

Vietnam is filled with growth potential as a country and a digital economy

In addition to showcasing success stories and market perspectives, VietLaunch will facilitate recurring events and webinars featuring founders and experienced investors. From time to time, we may present investment opportunities in Vietnamese founders and startups that all aspiring investors in our community may participate in regardless of their income or net worth. VietLaunch aims to be a comprehensive, curated resource for ecosystem insights, market research, and investment opportunities for anyone with an interest in supporting Vietnam’s tech ecosystem.

Starting a company is one way to drive the impact you want to see in a society. Being an investor, backing a startup you believe in, is another. If you share our hope for a prosperous, modern Vietnam, please join VietLaunch to learn, to engage, and to invest in its talents today – to do good and do well.