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BoxMe receives $6.4 million funding from NextTech

BoxMe receives $6.4 million funding from NextTech

The Highlights:

  • BoxMe successfully raised 6.4 million dollars from NextTech in the funding round.
  • BoxMe is showing its ability to empower the connection logistics globally.

BoxMe, a Vietnam-based e-commerce logistics company, has secured VND150 billion ($6.4 million) investments from NextTech Group and digitized payments system Ngan Luong.

According to an announcement, Vietnam-based e-commerce logistics company BoxMe has secured VND150 billion ($6.4 million) in a fundraising round led by local IT firm NextTech Group and digital payment platform Ngan Luong.

Ngan Luong is the Multi-platform, Multi-environment, Multi-Device platform. Their technology allows the gateway to be integrated with familiar environments such as Web, WAP, and AppsThe ability of cross-platform integration enables all merchants to get paid online quickly.

Boxme establishes an integrated platform for e-commerce sellers to manage and expand their businesses to the world quickly with Omni-channel management, and Automated fulfill orders, and Logistics services (sourcing, warehousing, shipping, payment, etc.)

By supporting e-commerce vendors in the area and throughout the world, you may become Southeast Asia's foremost e-logistics supplier. BoxMe streamlines the process of e-commerce firms expanding abroad by linking them with local partners.

The additional investment will allow BOXME to swiftly grow the scope of fulfillment centers in Vietnam to meet e-commerce enterprises' demand for order fulfillment and commitment to providing.

In 2019, the organization created a $10 million early-stage investment. The Next 100 fund, which will participate in company seed rounds with pay annually from $100,000 to $1 million, aims to revive the country's developing business ecosystem and enable entrepreneurs to lead the route to success.

Meanwhile, the following 100 will create a $50 million fund in 2021 to help blockchain startups in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Ngan Luong, on the other hand, is a brand of NextTech. The service, which was launched in 2009, is now one of the most widely used payment gateways in Vietnam, handling over $50 million in the latest data available.

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