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Top 500 Employers in Vietnam Has Been Revealed

Top 500 Employers in Vietnam Has Been Revealed
Top 500 of Vietnam Best Employers (VBE500)

On September 28, the Vietnam Top Employers Report and the Top 500 Vietnam Best Employers (VBE500) presented the winning companies and organizations.

The list of businesses in the VBE500 rankings is posted on the program portal: https://bestemployer.vn/

Top companies in Vietnam

The Highlights:

  • Viet Research, in partnership with VIR, produced the Top 500 Vietnam Highest Employers (VBE500) rankings as part of the National Research Programme on Great Places to Work. The orders celebrate companies with the highest achievements in terms of job creation, employee welfare, and commercial performance.
  • Viettel, FPT, and Vietcombank are the top 3 of the VBE500 ranking, which shows the potential of becoming a future nation empire.
  • The survey findings also show that leading employers in Vietnam are under much pressure due to the volatility of the global economy, high inflation risk, and economic recession.

The Top 500 Vietnam Highest Employers (VBE500) rankings, which honor businesses with the best achievements in terms of job creation, employee welfare, and business success, were published by Viet Research in collaboration with VIR as part of the National Research Programme on Great Places to Work.

Viettel, a military-run telecommunications corporation, came out on top in the VBE500 rankings thanks to the creation of nearly 40,000 jobs and an average income of VND35 million ($1,473) each month. Viettel encourages staff members to realize their full potential in addition to rotating outstanding individuals into key roles as part of its human resource development strategy.

The top-ranking IT company in Vietnam, FPT, is listed in the VBE500 rankings for 2022 with over 35,000 employees and an average monthly salary of roughly VND35 million ($1,473). The decentralization of the organizational structure of human resource management for each department with its functions is tied to the corporate culture of FPT. However, the human resources strategy of FPT has always been coupled with comprehensive compensation plans. As a result, the system and personnel department are running more smoothly, and FPT is operating more consistently and professionally.

Vietcombank is renowned for having staffing over 20,000 people with an average monthly salary of VND32.68 million ($1,376) per individual. The market has favorably praised Vietcombank's hiring efforts. The bank has recruited a sizable number of talented employees who fit its employment criteria. Developing high-quality human resources that are effectively managed according to worldwide best practices is one of Vietcombank's strategic aims.

The program's organizing committee also released some findings from a report by Viet Research titled Vietnam's Top Employers: Situation and Challenges Post-COVID, which was based on feedback from surveys of businesses in the VBE500 ranks.

The results show that the Vietnamese labor market is still showing remarkable improvement. The majority of commercial and industrial operations have recovered to their pre-pandemic levels. The survey's results also demonstrate that Vietnam's top employers are under considerable strain due to the world economy's instability, a high risk of inflation, the country's current economic downturn, and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

To successfully mobilize and use Vietnam's potential labor resources on a national scale, the government must make wise decisions to assist the community of top businesses in creating a professional, effective, civilized, contemporary, and sustainable working environment.

Adapted from Vietnam Investment Review