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Vinasoy Approaches New Marks on the International Dairy Map

Vinasoy Approaches New Marks on the International Dairy Map

The Highlights:

  • In addition to preserving its position as the leading domestic soymilk provider, Vinasoy continues to progress in the export industry due to its diligent exploration of possible outside markets.
  • Since 1997, Vinasoy has played a role in the nutritional life of Vietnamese consumers. The brand has also consistently held the top spot in the market for instant soy milk.
  • Vinasoy's soy milk and other high-nutritional products will undoubtedly reach consumers not only in Vietnam but also in other countries thanks to the strength and position that have been confirmed, as well as the spirit of "always in the state of a start-up," raising the pride of Vietnamese brands on the global map.

Having a reputation in the domestic market, Vinasoy maintains its quality and gains more success thanks to the export segment and its active expansion of potential international markets.

Vietnamese soymilk and the journey of seeking potential in the international markets.

Back in 1997, Vinasoy has always been a part of contributing to the Vietnamese nutrition lifestyle. For a while, the brand maintains the top position in the instant soymilk industry, representing Vietnam’s market to reach out to the ‘big sea.’ Nielsen estimates that in August 2021, Vinasoy’s paper-packed soymilk seized up to approximately 92.2% nationwide. Moreover, according to GlobalData UK’s global data analysis, in the top 5 largest soy milk businesses for three years in a row, Vinasoy has been named straight for 2018 to 2021.

Lately, the “made in Vietnam” soy milk produced by Vinasoy has continued to put its spot in significant and prospective markets, putting Vinasoy proudly on the global dairy map. For instance, Vinasoy appears in the Vietnamese convenience shops in Seoul and Asan (Korea), additional Don Quijote chain stores in Japan, ten stop Mart stores in Yangon (Myanmar’s capital), and two more traditional markets in Bago. Those are all the places where consumers can find Vinasoy goods now.

Vinasoy officially launched its goods on 11 of the biggest Chinese e-commerce platforms in 2020, marking the company's milestone of reaching out to the world. Vinasoy's goods had been formally offered in Chinese and Japanese stores as of 2021. Additionally, Vinasoy has covered most of Japan with its 1,000 Asian supermarkets and outlets dispersed throughout 45/47 nations.

The 'giant' of the dairy industry's power and vision

Core businesses with significant consumption include China, Korea, Japan, China, the United States, and Myanmar. However, there are obstacles, including problems with product quality, strict inspection standards in many nations, and fierce rivalry between local and foreign businesses. In particular, over the last two years, the COVID-19 epidemic has triggered a massive collapse in the production-supply chain, making it more challenging for many industries. Vinasoy, the No. 1 Vietnamese soy milk manufacturer, has demonstrated persistent efforts by successfully capturing other emerging economies.

Vinasoy has continued to project the image of a constantly progressing and changing company to take advantage of new possibilities after 25 years. Vinasoy, a company best known for its soy milk, has recently expanded into the plant-based nutrition market by introducing VEYO Yogurt, the country's first plant-based yogurt beverage. This is seen as a move in the right direction for consumers' post-COVID-19 inclinations for green foods.

With 25 years of expertise, success, and investments in raw materials, equipment, and people resources, Vinasoy is well-positioned to penetrate a larger market, explore additional ideas, and go even further in this promising sector.

Vinasoy's soy milk, as well as other high-nutritional products, will unquestionably reach out to customers not only in Vietnam but also in different regions of the world thanks to the capacity and position that have been confirmed, as well as the spirit of "always in the state of a start-up," raising the pride of Vietnamese brand names on the global map.